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  1. windyroller 2d 22h ago

    Quote by fireflywishes I missed your stuff windy~

    Thanks for gracing the MT gallery with Her Highness again! I feel like there's a bit too much empty space in the background, but it kinda adds to that haunting feel you've got going on.

    ^_^ It feels good to be drawing stuff complete enough to put on here.

    I updated the pic. After I got some feedback, I realized it needed some serious reworking. Thoughts?

  2. xXArciaXx 4d 21h ago

    Quote by fireflywishes Lol, the grammar was the first thing I was going to mention. Aside from that, I really can't find anything else to fault. Keep up the great work Arcia!


    thanks mate for the fave and also for looking to my latest :) more works to come i guess....and yeah the grammar lol sorry for giving you brain hemorrhage XD

  3. myri-chan 1wk 2d ago

    Quote by fireflywishesI had a S.A.D too, but it was otherwise okay. I went to dinner with my parents, then went to see The Imitation Game with one of my best friends. Thoroughly enjoyed the film! (And Benedict Cumberbatch on Valentine's Day is a good runner up. ^_~)

    Your s.a.d wasn't that sad :) it's great to go to the theatre and enjoy great movies with friends (^-^)
    yes it's also nice to watch the "performance" of hands....er,talented actors (^.^)

  4. myri-chan 1wk 4d ago

    Quote by fireflywishesAwwwww, thanks for the Valentine's Day wishes Myri! I hope you had a great one too!

    your re welcome dear Firefly (^-^) well my s.a.d was ok *Lol* hope that yours was better :)

  5. myri-chan 2wk 0d ago

    Hello Firefly :)

  6. Steffi1690 3wk 4d ago


  7. bouinbouin 4wk 1d ago

    Thanks for the fav(s)

  8. elisadevelon 7wk 1d ago

    Thanks for another fav, Firefly!

    An Eternal Battle by elisadevelon

  9. elisadevelon 7wk 4d ago

    Thanks for the fav, Firefly! :D
    Shattered Memories by elisadevelon

  10. Painter 7wk 6d ago

    Quote by fireflywishes Fabulous artwork Painter! i like how the main subject is kind of androgynous... Maybe that's why my first inclination was that it was some kind of android. ^_^;;

    Personally, when making wishes I always think of closed eyes, but you did such a beautiful job on her eyes, I'm torn!

    The one thing I would comment on though is that her expression seems kind of wooden. Maybe that's where I was going with the closed eyes comment.

    But overall, this is a great technical achievement! Keep up the great work!

    Oh! Maybe that's the reason it seems a bit weird ._. To be honest I firstly painted the portreit and then thought about the BG, not productive way to do things, I know ^-^'

    Thanks for your support, hope to have time for making more in the nearest future :DD

  11. xangel0 Moderator 8wk 0d ago

    Quote by fireflywishes Happy 2015 Angi! Wishing you all the best in the coming year!

    Happy new year to you too, *sends you best wishes*

  12. Darthas Moderator 8wk 1d ago

    Quote by fireflywishes Happy 2015 Darth. Don't scare away too many members this year! ;)

    Same to you. Btw, only person who scares others are crazy people and witches.