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  1. bouinbouin 2d 23h ago

    Thanks for the fav(s)

  2. Monu-chan 1wk 6d ago

    Quote by fireflywishes I think overall you did a great job on the pose and coloring. However, I think the folds and darker shading in Narutos jacket make it seem a bit too bulky. From other images I've seen, the jacket is a bit more fitted. Also, be careful when making lines thicker or darker. Those two fold lines near the zipper look darker, and create am impression of a deeper fold, which makes the jacket seem larger than you possibly intended.

    Overall though, that's the only thing I see. I hope your friend enjoyed the piece!

    Thanks for advice I will keep that in my mind when I draw next ones.
    Thanks for the comment it really helps me. :D
    I too love doujinshi like you!

  3. akiranyo 1wk 6d ago

    Is not only about that. But when I have seen that my wallpaper which I worked on 50+ hours gets overtaken by pixelated scan crops without a signature submitted as walls, I started to question the basics on what we have built up MT all those years.
    And I can save those 30 favs, I get enough feedback on DA and enough fame on Reddit.
    Perhaps it was time to move on.

    Sorry for the negative tone, I know you want me good and I still consider you as a good friend, whatever happens.

  4. Alenas Retired Moderator 1wk 6d ago

    Quote by fireflywishes

    Quote by Alenas Well, that was short-lived, lol. xD

    Enjoy the bliss~

    snuffed out like a firefly~ ah, how poetic!

    You went with a bang. It will always be remembered. xD

  5. Alenas Retired Moderator 1wk 6d ago

    Well, that was short-lived, lol. xD

    Enjoy the bliss~

  6. akiranyo 2wk 2d ago

    If you want daily dose of me - DA or Steam. I quit MT and entirely using it as a scan source. Sorry, I just couldn't handle this facade anymore.

  7. myri-chan 2wk 3d ago

    Hello miss fireflywishes you're a mod again. it's good to see you around :)

  8. BERLIAN 3wk 3d ago

    Hontou ni Arigatou for my latest work ^-^

  9. yoneyu 4wk 5d ago

    Quote by fireflywishes I hear you! I can't draw men as much as I try. (or at least scantily clad men... ^_~) You did a commendable job here, but I think Judar's 6-pack needs some darker shading... and maybe define some of the muscles along his waist. Muscles has some good reference images. :)

    Well, it is nice to see work from you. If you're ever looking for more inspiration, more bishies are always welcome! <3 Keep up the great work!

    I shaded them darker at first but I didn't do a good job, the shapes didn't look good at all TT_TT I think I need to watch FREE! or something XD
    Oh cool thank you! I'll make a huge folder with refs! Thank you kindly Firefly-chan!

  10. Redwyn 5wk 0d ago

    Quote by fireflywishes Love it! It's so creative-- especially her shoe soles! I hope you're able to find some time someday to add some color. ^_^

    Thanks for the comment and fav :3

    I'll be able to work on the color in December. Right now I gotta finish my final semester project xp

  11. elisadevelon 6wk 2d ago

    Hello, Firefly! We haven't probably talked before but thank you (again) for your hard work on the contest!

  12. Steffi1690 7wk 1d ago